Although I had often worked in the vineyard, the almost three years spent in those of Philipe Wies and in his winery Domaine de "la petite baigneuse" made me discover the reality of the profession of winegrower. Maturity and opportunities led me to create a trade for a first vinification in 2017. This took place in Jajakistan, between Edouard Laffitte and Loïc Roure, that I can not thank enough for their support.

A desire for consistency and balance pushes me to take back 4 hectares of vines, two of which were harvested in 2018 and 2019 and vinified at "la cave apicole" at Sylvain Respaut and Olivier Cros.

What is Natural Wine?

Natural wine is above all a philosophy. It is made with the greatest respect for nature and the consumers who will taste it. It comes from grapes worked in organic farming, without weed killers, pesticides, fertilizers or other synthetic products. The grape harvests are manual and during the vinification the winemaker strives to keep the wine alive. Technical interventions that can alter the bacterial life of wine are prohibited, as well as any addition of chemical, except, if necessary, sulfites in very small quantities; the goal is to turn grapes into wine.

About le débit d'ivresse

Le débit d'ivresse is about an human adventure carried by the passion and humanity of the Roussillonnais natural winemakers.
Solidarity, Mutual Aid, Listening, Sharing, Advice ...
These qualities, which unfortunately have become too rare nowadays, allow young or old winemakers to settle down.

A story?

There are about twenty years, I made the first harvest of Jean-Louis Tribouley. He then introduces me to the natural wines. In the years that followed, many winemakers settled with similar cultivation and vinification methods. Driven by this momentum, and trained by Loïc Roure from the "Domaine du possible", I became a volunteer at the "La remise" wine fair where I was able to meet fantastic winemakers like Bruno Duchêne, Axel Prüfer, Stephane Morin, Alain Castex, Jean-Sébastien Gioan , Nicolas Carmaran .........



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